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Greater Rotterdam - The Hague area

Connect to the innovative ecosystems in vibrant cities such as Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft and Leiden and work together on global challenges. Zuid-Holland is one of the Netherlands’ best-known provinces and lies next to the North Sea. It is home to the densely populated Greater Rotterdam-The Hague urban area. This is where you can find the thriving European seaport of Rotterdam, the government city of The Hague and the university cities of Leiden and Delft. The region is one of Europe’s most dynamic knowledge-intensive centres and a global economic driver with a sustainable vision for the future. In Greater Rotterdam-The Hague, after working hard, we love to play. Dive into our region and relax at the most popular beaches in the country. Take a Sunday bike ride through historic Dutch towns with their charming canals and pleasant bicycle lanes. Experience our region: kick back, unwind and grow!
Skyline of Rotterdam with buildings and the Erasmus bridge.

A hotbed of collaboration and innovation

The Port of Rotterdam on the North Sea is Europe’s largest and best-connected seaport, not to mention one of the world’s smartest logistics hubs. Rotterdam’s geographical position remains key to the region's success. A prime strategic hotspot for intercontinental trade, the port serves 50+ million consumers throughout Europe and many more around the globe.  

The sea can be a dangerous neighbour, but our renowned flood-prevention facilities have managed to fend off danger for hundreds of years. The Maeslant barriet, the remarkable flood protection at the mouth of Rotterdam’s Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta is vital to the safety of millions. This multiple award-winning system has been voted the most prestigious hydraulic engineering project in the world.

By responding to environmental challenges with effective solutions, we have built a world-famous culture of problem solving, with a knack for working together and developing cutting-edge innovations.


Shaping the future for industries around the world

Greater Rotterdam-The Hague is home to many world-leading business ecosystems and the region is actively shaping the future of industry. Innovation clusters such as life sciences and health, digital technology, high tech, maritime industry and cybersecurity are strongly represented, with roughly 75% of Dutch R&D originating in our region.

Three of the Netherlands’ most prestigious and innovative universities are located close together in the region: Leiden University and Delft University and Erasmus University Rotterdam. As an internationally recognised epicentre for forward-thinking professionals and one of Europe’s most dynamic knowledge-intensive hubs, we experiment, innovate and inspire metropolitan regions throughout the world.

By continuously developing smart innovations, our region seeks to address important issues across all sectors. Cross-fertilisation between different industries defines Greater Rotterdam-The Hague’s collaborative spirit. Here, we work hard to solve global problems and offer proven solutions that truly have the potential to make the world a better place.

The region’s areas of excellence:

  • Life Sciences & Health Leiden Bio Science Park is a leading hotspot for biotech and Erasmus MC Campus is emerging as a health technology frontrunner. The life sciences sector in our region is rapidly evolving.
  • Digital technology Celebrated for breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, quantum technology and blockchain technology, our region and businesses are renowned for world-class technological innovations. Tech community The Hague Tech and the international quantum tech hotspot Quantum Delta are located here.
  • High tech – Our region is a frontier of science and has the highest concentration of manufacturers in the Netherlands. We are also home to world-acclaimed Delft University of Technology and field lab RoboHouse.
  • Maritime & Port The Port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest seaport with excellent accessibility by rail, road, water and air. Rotterdam is the beating heart of Dutch transport and logistics.
  • Cybersecurity – The Hague is internationally recognised for peace, justice and security and is the seat of the government of the Netherlands. The presence of organisations such as NATO and Europol has driven the growth of Security Delta HSD, Europe’s leading cybersecurity community.
  • Aerospace – Our region is the technological heart of the European Space Research & Technology Centre (ESTEC) and Unmanned Vally, Europe’s centre for innovative companies working on the future of urban air mobility.
  • Circular and biobased – We are the world’s largest producer of biofuels and home to Planet, an innovation ecosystem for industrial biotechnology at Biotech Campus Delft and BlueCity the circularity hotspot.
  • Horticulture, agri and food – Our region hosts the highest concentration of advanced greenhouse cultivation in the world. The World Horti Center is the knowledge and innovation centre for international horticulture. 
  • Sustainable energy – The world’s most efficient wind park and Maasvlakte 2, Europe’s test and demo location for offshore wind energy, are both located in Greater Rotterdam-The Hague. The Rotterdam port area is also a centre of hydrogen technology.
  • Impact By connecting starting and experienced entrepreneurs, social enterprises, NGOs and investors, Impact City combines economic success and social impact under the motto of ‘doing good and doing business’.
  • Peace & JusticeThe Hague is home to the International Court of Justice and tribunals such as the International Criminal Court. Located in the City of Peace and Justice as well is The Hague Humanity Hub, a community of peacemakers and humanitarian innovators striving for a just and peaceful world.


Our region genuinely understands the value of successful, innovative start-ups and supports dynamic enterprises with a number of excellent incubators like Yes!Delft.  



Houses at a canal in city center of Delft.
The Nuna Solar Team celebrating their victory.

The best place to live and collaborate in Europe

Greater Rotterdam-The Hague is creative, compact and highly diverse. From Rotterdam’s vibrancy and youthfulness and The Hague’s lovely residential areas to the student city of Leiden and historic Delft, our region continues to attract talent from around the world.

Connect with the world through Rotterdam-The Hague Airport and travel through Europe with our extensive road and rail network. The region’s cities and relaxing beaches can be accessed by train, tram or metro in a matter of minutes.

The Hague, or ‘s-Gravenhage for those seeking a serious Dutch pronunciation challenge, is the official place of residence of the king of the Netherlands. The city is the seat of the national government and home to the Dutch parliament, the International Court of Justice and more than 100 embassies.

Economists, scientists, young talent, start-ups, scale-ups and experienced entrepreneurs reside in Greater Rotterdam-The Hague and have united in excellence by forming solid partnerships.

Expats have expressed their appreciation of our region by placing Rotterdam top of the Dispatches Europe list of best cities to live for internationals. The Hague was also recently awarded third most liveable city in Europe for internationals by ECA International.


The beach in the Hague with ferris wheel.
Maurice Haag

An ideal springboard to boost your career

With three international centres to support you and The Hague’s 110+ embassies, our region guarantees a soft landing and a secure base. An ideal springboard to boost your career!

Expand your horizon and take on fresh, exciting challenges in Greater Rotterdam-The Hague.


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