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Are you innovative, bold, full of energy, and willing to make a difference in the world? Great. You’re the perfect fit for Rotterdam. This is where dreams and a can-do mentality go hand in hand. In a city that had to almost completely rebuild itself after being bombed during the Second World War, the old and new are seamlessly intertwined. You’ll notice this everywhere you go; in architecture, urban development, and industry. Rotterdam is a young and exciting metropolis where any forward-thinking professional will feel right at home.
Modern housing in Rotterdam, called the 'Kubus woningen'.
Iris van den Broek

Distinct, cool, unconventional

Rotterdam isn’t like any other city in the Netherlands. Architecturally, it stands on its own. You can find the canals, bridges, and old houses with beautiful facades like you might expect in our cities - but Rotterdam is way more than that. It has its unique charm. The city is light, stylish, and spacious, with modern architecture and skyscrapers instead of narrow streets and old cobblestones. Some visit-worthy architectural landmarks are the Central Station, the Erasmus Bridge, the Markthal, and the Cube houses. The skyline of Rotterdam is quite the sight, so make sure to climb the Euromast, a tower over 185 meters high, that will give you an excellent overview of the city. 

It’s not just the impressive skyline that gives Rotterdam such a modern and urban vibe. The city is full of cool restaurants, bars, nightclubs, museums, and great art and food markets. Its cultural life is so rich thanks to the diversity of the city. Housing over 170 nationalities, this is truly a multicultural and cosmopolitan city.


The market hall in Rotterdam.
Ossip van Duivenbode
Man using a drone at the Dutch Drone company.
Claire Droppert

A base for talent and innovators

The international nature of Rotterdam is visible in all aspects of life. Economically, it has been a central international hub for decades. The Port of Rotterdam is the biggest port in Europe and one of the biggest in the world at that! As Rotterdam never stands still, it’s also the world’s most technologically advanced port. It’s no surprise that many renowned international companies have settled in the biggest and smartest maritime cluster of Europe. Rotterdam is a solid global player and a hotbed for innovation in many strong economic sectors such as life sciences and health, energy and cleantech, logistics, and agrifood. 

There are opportunities everywhere for you within the innovative international ecosystem of Rotterdam. The city is always on the move, so creative spirits that want to apply themselves to a better future are always welcome. To start, pay a visit to the Hack your Career website Hack your Career website to find out what job opportunities there are in one of the many fast-growing scale-ups in the Rotterdam region.


A bar near the water in Rotterdam.
Iris van den Broek

Research Institutions and Universities

The Greater Rotterdam Area is also known for its world-class research institutions and universities. The Erasmus University, the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Erasmus Medical Centre, and the close-by Delft University are a base for international talent in any STEM fields. Innovation hubs such as RoboValley, IT campus, and RDM Campus ensure that the cities’ knowledge and industry are brought together in one interactive space. It brings organisations and talented individuals together and propels the ecosystem forward. All in all, Rotterdam is a city that always wants to grow, and it’s looking for the right people to do so. Are you up for it? 



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