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Amsterdam Area

A diverse and enjoyable place for life and work The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is one of Europe’s most attractive regions to live and work in. It is renowned for its great work-life balance, a happy and healthy populace and diverse cultural and leisure options, from world-famous art and cutting-edge culture to picturesque countryside and a wide range of sports and activities. The region offers a broad choice of living environments too – urban as well as rural – and is very well connected, meaning neither commuting nor travelling for leisure are ever a problem.
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Pioneering and creative

Internationally, the Amsterdam Area enjoys a solid reputation as creative, open-minded and entrepreneurial. Innovation is key – just look at Amsterdam’s impressive circular ambitions, aiming to achieve a fully circular city by 2050. In terms of academic and business accomplishments, the region takes a leading position in a number of fields, ranging from AI and life sciences to a major sustainability drive focussing on construction, fashion and food.


Working together

The Amsterdam Area’s pioneering status is achieved by constant and close collaboration across industries and sectors. Working together is something the Dutch have always done well. As a result, the region has historically been a laboratory for the future. The change-makers, the innovators, the researchers – they all flock to Amsterdam to be at the forefront of future innovation.


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Leading research and businesses in fields that matter

One of the strengths of the Amsterdam Area is the presence of leading universities and research institutes, international businesses and government organisations, all of which are at a short distance of each other in a well-connected region and are often even grouped together in science and business parks and innovation districts. These different institutions are intensely focused on collaboration, working together in key areas that will shape the economic and social agenda of a smart, green and healthy future.


A thriving ecosystem for life sciences and health

One of the best examples of the way in which the Amsterdam Area can function as a true innovation hub is its thriving life sciences and health sector. The region’s internationally renowned universities, academic hospitals and research institutes, including the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) and the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, form an ecosystem that paves the way for new discoveries and developments.


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A remarkable sustainability drive

The Amsterdam Area and its residents have traditionally had a green mindset, and the push for environmentally friendly policies and ways of life has accelerated in recent years. The City of Amsterdam aims to operate fully according to circular principles by 2050, eliminating wasteful processes and focussing on sustainable construction, transport and procurement. The entire region is a testbed for smart mobility solutions, from sharing platforms to electric vehicles. A special focus is also placed on sustainable solutions in industries such as fashion and agrifood.


Full steam ahead to the energy transition

The region is also fully committed to the energy transition, driven by main transport hubs such as the Port of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The City of Amsterdam strives towards eliminating its dependence on coal, oil and gas, aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030 and by 95% by 2050, as compared to the figures of 1990. In addition, 2040 has been earmarked as the year in which the City aims to be entirely free of using natural gas.

All this is driven and enabled by tech, data science and AI, with leading international tech businesses, research institutes and a flourishing startup ecosystem working in unison to develop smart solutions for today’s varied challenges.


Welcoming and convenient for internationals

Thanks to its open-minded and forward-looking character, the Amsterdam Area has always been a magnet for international talent. More than 3,300 international companies are located here, plus almost 2,000 startups and scale-ups. Amsterdam also prides itself on being home to a highly diverse population: of its 2.5 million inhabitants, 176,000 are internationals and residents of more than 150 different nationalities live in the region. The average Amsterdammer speaks 3.2 languages, with an excellent command of English to add to most Amsterdammers’ native Dutch. And Amsterdam offers a warm home to many international communities, providing plenty of special events and celebrations, international schools, multi-lingual doctors, services and other facilities.

The Amsterdam Area has always been one of the most forward-looking, entrepreneurial, and creative regions in Europe. This spirit of openness and innovation has made Amsterdam a place where people from all over the world can find a home.


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