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Working in the Netherlands

A small country that dreamed big: the Netherlands lays claim to countless business successes. It’s home to major multinationals, cutting-edge startups and a culture that welcomes innovation and collaboration.

People are working in a Dutch office

Workplace culture

Companies in the Netherlands are known for their open, collaborative culture. English is widely spoken and employees are protected by solid social security policies. Become part of the Dutch talent pool.

Academic careers

The Netherlands offers an array of compelling reasons to pursue your academic career. It boasts a renowned education system, known for its excellence and cutting-edge research opportunities. The melting pot of cultures, provides an enriching environment for collaboration and networking with fellow academics from around the globe. Additionally, the Dutch government invests significantly in research and development, creating ample funding opportunities and resources for academics to thrive in their respective fields. And of course, the high proficiency of English among Dutch citizens ensures a smooth transition for international academics, making it easier to integrate and communicate effectively within academic and social circles.

Academic careers
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Startup a business in the Netherlands

Starting a business in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to an extensive network of business newcomers and innovators. Local and international companies of all sizes have found success and support in the country’s vibrant and welcoming startup scene. The Dutch tech sector, in particular, is well recognised within Europe and beyond.

Get inspired by their experiences

Where do we start when there are so many examples of international success? Be inspired by the people and the companies that put the Netherlands on the map as a centre of business innovation.  

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