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It’s all here. A thriving business climate, industry-leading innovation, an inclusive culture and all the elements of career success. The Netherlands welcomes international recruits with open arms, and is continually ranked a great place to live.

Get inspired by their experiences

Where do we start when there are so many examples of international success? Be inspired by the people and the companies that put the Netherlands on the map as a centre of business innovation.  

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Cinzia Silvestri

Cinzia story of founding her biotech company Bi/ond

Cinzia Silvestri, who is a tech entrepreneur in the Netherlands, moved to the country in 2012. With a PhD in microelectronics, she co-founded her startup Bi/ond Solutions with a team that had a...

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uGlobally from Brazil to the Netherlands

In this interview Rodrigo shares his story of moving from Brazil to the Netherlands. He is the managing director of a startup which specializes in helping tech companies expand internationally. He...

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People are working in a office in the Netherlands

Working in the Netherlands

Multinational companies, innovative startups and an unbeatable work-life balance inspire people from around the world to further their careers in the Netherlands. Find out why you should join them.


Living in the Netherlands

Picturesque cityscapes aside, life in the Netherlands means a heavy dose of art and culture, a well-connected international community, easy connections to the rest of Europe and the joys of travelling by bicycle.

People biking in front of the biggest bicycle storage - Utrecht central
The little tower located at the Binnenhof in The Hague next to the Mauritshuis - with the Dutch flag


Explore the residency permits available to you and the steps involved in applying. The Netherlands welcomes international talent and has a broad range of services dedicated to helping you make the move.

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Select your sector and see what the different regions in the Netherlands have to offer. 


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