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Living in Maastricht means living in a unique place in the Netherlands. Not only is it the oldest inhabited city in the country (with architecture dating back to Roman times), its ‘backyard’ is also rather un-Dutch with lush green hills of the Limburg countryside beckoning you to unwind. Just in case that wasn’t enough to convince you: Maastricht is also the birthplace of the European Union and the Euro, making it one of the most international connected cities in our country. Oh, and it’s home to the tastiest pie in the world - the Limburgse vlaai.
uitzicht maastricht

International allure

Located deep in the south of the Netherlands, Maastricht lies in the heart of Western Europe. It’s so close to the border that you can easily go to Belgium and Germany by bike. In Maastricht you will always hear people speaking English, but also a lot of French, German, Italian and Spanish. Important cities like Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Cologne, Dusseldorf, and even Paris are less than a few hours away by either car, train or plane. The international allure of Maastricht is reflected in its demography: a large part of the 135.000 inhabitants are expats and international students. They come to work at one of the many multinational companies that have set base along the Meuse river or come study at the most international university of the Netherlands, where 50% of the students come from abroad. 



Brightlands and innovation

Maastricht’s University is part of a broad ecosystem of innovation and knowledge. It works in close cooperation with small businesses and some of the large companies in the Maastricht region (such as DSM, Medtronic, Rockwool, and Canon) to close the gap between education and the employment market.

An integral part of the region’s knowledge economy can be found in Brightlands. At Brightlands, 29,000 optimists develop tomorrow’s life! This exceptional collaboration of four innovation campuses turns the Maastricht region into a leader in energy transition and circularity. These are open, international platforms where the business and scientific world work together on groundbreaking innovations in materials, circular chemistry, health, agrifood, data science, and intelligent digital services - innovators taking both the potential commercial viability and the social value into account. There’s always space at Brightlands for new talent, so make sure to check the possibilities for you!



Quality of life

People from neighbouring cities like Liège (in Belgium) and Aachen (in Germany) often visit Maastricht. They do so because of its many cultural offerings (the world’s major art fair TEFAF is held here and the city hosts internationally acclaimed academies of art, music and theatre), its famous gastronomy (you can choose between many Michelin starred restaurants) and its excellent shopping quality (in the Netherlands only Amsterdam attracts more shopping guests). Understandably, Maastricht is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Netherlands. And not only that, in July thousands of people from around the world come to feel the magic of André Rieu, live at the charming Vrijthof square.

In short, Maastricht is more than ready for new talents. It’s a place with an international mindset, where people truly understand what quality of life means. This is a region where people are accustomed to working together across borders. In short, it’s the ultimate place to grow!


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