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Florentia's academic career at Delft University of Technology

Meet Florentia, an accomplished assistant professor in Structural Engineering at Delft University of Technology, originally hailing from Greece. Having completed her PhD in the United States, Florentia shares her journey of relocating to the Netherlands three years ago, drawn by the enticing blend of professional growth at TU Delft, a welcoming academic community, and an attractive living environment. The recurring theme in her story centers around the careful consideration of career opportunities, the stability offered by the Dutch academic landscape, and the unique appeal of the Netherlands.

Interviewee Florentia

Striving for academic excellence at TU Delft

“After I finished my Ph.D. studies in the United States, I was looking for an opportunity to excel in my academic career. That is why I applied to some high-ranking universities in the United States and also in Europe,” Florentia describes. “The Delft University of Technology was one of the best opportunities for me to reach my professional goals because I could combine a very good professional opportunity within an excellent research community and colleagues in my field in structural engineering.”

Long-term stability was one of the most important elements for Florentia when considering where to continue with her academic career and as a result, TU Delft was a simple choice for her.


Finding academic jobs in the Netherlands

Before coming to the Netherlands, Florentia didn't know much about the country, since there weren’t many opportunities to meet Dutch people in the United States. “When I found what possibilities there were for my career at Delft University of Technology, I started researching a bit more about the country and its growth opportunities,” Florentia highlights.

“I found out about this career opportunity online while looking for academic positions at high-ranking technical universities in Europe, and the United States. When I browsed open positions at TU Delft, it was easy for me to find suitable ones in the faculty of Civil Engineering.” After being invited to continue with the application process, Florentia was initially interviewed online by a committee from TU Delft. Despite COVID-19 delaying the second on-site interview, she received a job offer and was praised by the University for being their top pick.

Low unemployment rates & work-life balance

Having identified the country’s infrastructural problems, Florentia found that the Netherlands was the right place to apply her knowledge in civil engineering. The innovative approaches engineers employ to overcome infrastructural challenges, coupled with an excellent work-life balance and low unemployment rates, ultimately persuaded her to commit to this decision.

"My opinion of the Netherlands didn't change after I moved here - there were indeed perfect career opportunities allowing professionals to grow. Innovation is a key focus within structural engineering and the Dutch culture is something that I appreciate - especially the Dutch directness! It reminds me of a lot of Americans,” Florentia says. “In my home country, the academic system is a little bit different. There are not as many opportunities there as in the Netherlands to work within my academic field."


Adapting to the Dutch culture & living in Delft

“Moving abroad was a truly positive experience,” Florentia describes. “ It may be a little bit difficult in the beginning, but I'm sure that if one really wants to be in a specific place for a specific reason, they will figure everything out at the end of the day...”

Although the pandemic made it very difficult for her & her family, the support and open-mindedness of Florentia’s community in the Netherlands made it easier for her to overcome challenges while adapting to her new environment. “Discussing your needs & helping people understand your challenges will make it more simple for others to provide you with solutions to your problems,” Florentia highlights.


Living in Delft

Florentia enjoys living in Delft to the fullest. “Residing in a picturesque town offers numerous opportunities to explore and enjoy beautiful places, a facet of my living experience that I truly appreciate.

The abundance of transportation options in Delft ensures quick and easy access to various places, which is critical for Florentia. “This is something I genuinely appreciate in my daily life. Furthermore, the openness & approachability of the people stands out to me. Additionally, residing in a picturesque town offers numerous opportunities to explore and enjoy beautiful places, an aspect of my daily life that I genuinely value."

Florentia's journey unfolds as she gradually integrates into the academic realm of structural engineering at Delft University of Technology. The importance of career stability, the appeal of Dutch work-life balance, and the positive aspects of the country's infrastructure all contributed towards her decision to select the Netherlands as her destination of choice. If you’re aspiring to follow Florentia’s path, make sure to explore academic careers and other international jobs in the Netherlands.


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