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Yashar's journey to relocate to the Netherlands

After thoroughly researching the chosen sector and the job opportunity, Yashar Hosseinpour took a life-changing decision to move to the Netherlands. Originally from Iran, Yashar works in the software engineering field of IT sector. The company for which he relocated is a small tech startup called Neurolytics, based in Utrecht. As a lead developer, he has already acquired substantial experience and understanding of the IT sector in this country and the overall Dutch lifestyle. Thus, through his story, one can know what working and living in the Netherlands is like.

Yashar Hosseinpour
Yashar Hosseinpour

Reasons to relocate

One of the main reasons I decided to move to the Netherlands was its emphasis on social freedom and awareness, which creates an environment conducive to personal growth. Additionally, I was attracted to the country's robust social welfare system, stunning natural beauty, and healthy, dynamic economy. The Netherlands is renowned for its modern infrastructure and pioneering role in innovative technologies. The widespread proficiency in English among the general public, and numerous job opportunities in my field, further solidified my decision to choose the Netherlands as my new home.


A journey to a new home

I came across Neurolytics, a small startup, through a job advertisement shared by a friend who lives in the country." I researched further and found that my skills and experience aligned well with their requirements. I applied and went through several interviews, completing a few test projects to showcase my abilities and technical skills. Eventually, the company offered me the job and proposed relocating me to the Netherlands using the Essential Startup Personnel Permit. This opportunity allowed me to embark on my exciting journey working in the Netherlands.

The Dutch government and society strongly support new tech startups, fostering an environment for business success and innovation.

My company played a significant role in identifying the most suitable residency and work permit options that met their needs and mine. They applied for and obtained the Essential Startup Personnel visa scheme on my behalf, which was instrumental in facilitating my move to the Netherlands. We conducted thorough research, mainly relying on the websites of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), to gather accurate and up-to-date information about available residence permits and their requirements. Their efforts ensured a smooth transition and greatly assisted my relocation to the Netherlands.


The IT sector in the Netherlands

The Dutch IT ecosystem presents several notable differences from the ecosystem in my home country, Iran. Firstly, the Netherlands boasts a more dynamic and well-developed IT industry, which offers a wide range of opportunities for growth and innovation. In Iran, we faced numerous restrictions and limitations on the tools and services we could utilise, primarily due to political reasons. These constraints hindered our ability to implement cutting-edge technologies and stay competitive globally.

The IT sector in the Netherlands is dynamic and innovative. Companies operating in the IT industry strive to implement and utilise the most modern and state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring continuous growth and advancement. The Dutch government and society strongly support new tech startups, fostering an environment for business success and innovation. The Dutch IT ecosystem also maintains close ties with the international IT community, facilitating the exchange of ideas and collaborative efforts to drive the industry forward. 

A key characteristic of this [Dutch] culture is the direct and honest communication style and proper planning for new products and services.


Living and working in the Netherlands

My experience with the Dutch workplace culture has been overwhelmingly positive. A key characteristic of this culture is the direct and honest communication style and proper planning for new products and services. The Netherlands’ workplace culture and organisational hierarchy are also considerably healthy and transparent. This positive work environment fosters open communication, collaboration, and a strong sense of unity among colleagues, hugely contributing to the overall experience of working in the Dutch IT sector. The emphasis on open dialogue and teamwork create a supportive atmosphere that I find both refreshing and empowering.

My spouse has thoroughly enjoyed living in the Netherlands as well. She appreciates the peaceful atmosphere and the respect for women's rights in the country. This environment has allowed her to pursue her passion for the film industry through acting academies and groups and also offered opportunities for personal growth and discovering ideal career paths. Additionally, as a family, we never feel bored or limited in our options. Thanks to the diverse experiences and resources available in the country, the Netherlands provides a wealth of opportunities for us to explore, learn and have fun together. This has significantly contributed to my overall satisfaction and happiness while living in this beautiful country.

One aspect of Dutch culture that surprised me was their approach to food, especially lunch. Coming from a country with a diverse and rich culinary heritage, I was amazed that the Dutch often opt for a small, simple cheese sandwich for their midday meal. It showcases the practical and efficient nature of the Dutch people. Another aspect that continues to amaze me is the incredibly well-developed network of bike lanes and the widespread use of bicycles as a primary transportation mode among the Dutch people. It's fascinating to see how efficiently this environmentally friendly transportation option is integrated into everyday life in the Netherlands.


Things to consider before relocating

I would advise those from my country who choose the Netherlands as their destination to carefully consider the climate before moving abroad. The Netherlands is known for mostly cloudy, rainy, and windy weather with limited sunshine. For people coming from sunny and hot regions, this could be a significant change and quite challenging. Being aware of this difference and prepared to adapt to the Dutch climate will be essential for a smooth transition and overall satisfaction with their new home. Finally, it is vital to conduct thorough research about the country, including work opportunities, cultural aspects, and any other factors that are important to them. This will help them make an informed decision best aligned with their personal and professional goals.

From Yashar’s experience, the IT sector in the Netherlands provides opportunities through its dynamic and positive work environment. The Dutch lifestyle can differ from what one is used to, like a simple lunch, direct communication style, freedom, or having more bikes than cars in the city. Interestingly, Yashar goes beyond exploring career opportunities and quality of life and highlights the personal growth that follows moving abroad. One thing is definite: his experiences can serve as an inspiration and an information source for anyone looking to relocate.


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