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Story of Tatevik in the Dutch IT sector

Are you considering relocating for work as an IT professional? Tatevik Tovmasyan, an Armenian software engineer in the Netherlands, did just that. She moved to the Netherlands to work for Reaktor. In this article, Tatevik shares her experiences with the visa and residency permit processes, the work sector, the ecosystem in the country, and some of the cultural differences she noticed.

Portrait photo of participant Tatevik Tovmasyan
Tatevik Tovmasyan

What motivated you to move to the Netherlands?

I always dreamed of improving my skill set to be at a global level, so when I received a job offer from Reaktor, I felt that the Netherlands was the perfect place to pursue my career goals. With many IT startups and big IT companies, the Netherlands offered me many opportunities with the best work-life balance. On top of that, there are plenty of experiences and activities to enjoy on the weekends.


Can you briefly describe your journey from living in Armenia to relocating to the Netherlands?

I found the job posting through Indeed and applied for the position. The company contacted me after two days. The interview process took about five weeks and three rounds, including attitude and technical interviews.

My company managed the visa processes and the experience was straightforward for me. My highly skilled migrant visa only took about a week or two for approval. The company also sponsored my visa, and it took two months to get a long-stay visa (MVV) to relocate to the Netherlands and get my residence permit, BSN, and everything else.


Picture of the Reaktor office

As a software engineer in the Netherlands, what do you think of the ecosystem, and how is it different from Armenia?

The ecosystem here is fast-growing, and the Dutch government also has rulings for those who relocate; this factor is attracting more professionals to the country.

“The Dutch government also has rulings for those who relocate; this is attracting more great professionals to the country.”

In Amsterdam, people work less and live more which is different from my hometown - we work more and live less. The diversity in the office is also significant, with currently more than 30 nationalities represented just in our Amsterdam office. I was also surprised to know that the Dutch habit of having sandwiches with cheese for lunch was a thing!


You decided to move to North Holland. Can you tell us a bit more about your experience living there?

I'm renting a house in Diemen and working in Amsterdam. I enjoy the beaches in North Holland, and the tulip season is a lovely experience. Safety in the Netherlands was also a pleasant surprise. I've never felt any danger or crime here.

“Safety in the Netherlands was also a pleasant surprise. I've never felt any danger or crime here.”

If you are considering moving to the Netherlands, I will advise you to understand the cost of living. This cost can be pretty high, particularly in cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam. However, as an expat, you are a tourist on weekends, so make sure there are fun activities and places nearby your home that you can explore. The Netherlands is a great place to live, work, and travel, and I'm glad I moved here.

In the end, it was a combination of the culture and location of the Netherlands, coupled with the growing IT sector, that convinced Tatevik to move to the country. Now that Tatevik has settled into her new life in the Netherlands, she also enjoys the many benefits of being an IT professional in this country. She has access to one of the fastest-growing IT sectors in Europe; works with colleagues from around the globe while maintaining a good work-life balance. This international environment was exactly what she was looking for, and she found it in the Netherlands.


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